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Vaudeeu Qimsa II softshell trousers men's(XS)

Vaudeeu Qimsa II softshell trousers men's(XS)

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Softshell pants for bike sports 100% wind repellent, breathable and water repellent thermal, with stretch inserts and leg ventilation offset for climate neutrality; eco-friendly manufacturingFor cyclists who are impervious to nature's seasonal mutability. The 100% windproof softshell pants ensure full performance even in cool temps. The environmentally friendly manufactured material is warm and finely textured on the inside, guaranteeing high breathability and good insulation. The adjustable waistband is cut higher in the back and fitted with elastic inserts, so it fits snugly and helps protect your sensitive kidney region. Waterproof, with durable reinforcemen's at the seat and inside the legs, it keeps you warm and dry. Further extras: adjustable leg cuffs and reflective elemen's.

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