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Vaudeeu Pulex Hooded Fleece Jacket Kids(92)

Vaudeeu Pulex Hooded Fleece Jacket Kids(92)

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Kids' fleece jacket for school and play warm and cozy, easy-care zips into VAUDE jackets offset for climate neutrality; environmentally-friendly manufacturingA must have for outdoor kids! A great hooded jacket made from warm fleece. Made from 100?% polyester with eco-friendly manufacturing, soft and superbly comfortable ?C and it comes in a wide range of colors. Large pockets will hold all their treasures. The Pulex Hooded Jacket is designed to be zipped in to any VAUDE outer jacket, turning a rain jacket into a warm 3-in-1 in a flash! Our functional VAUDE children's apparel is characterized by high-quality materials, kid-friendly fit and colors as well as environmentally-friendly manufacturing. We develop sophisticated outdoor apparel for children that is durable enough to be passed on from child to child. The use of recycled materials conserves our planet's resources. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally-friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials.

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