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Vaudeeu Aquid Sandals Kids(EU 26)

Vaudeeu Aquid Sandals Kids(EU 26)

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Breathable hybrid shoe that performs equally well in the water and on dry land perfect for barefoot use protective toe cap non-slip soleWater march! The Aquid in Kids Aquid stands for Aqua Hybrid - VAUDE's product developers have optimized these clever shoes for use on land and in the water.We're talking frog, not toad ?? your child can hop around to his heart's content with these grippy, flexible outsoles. Large mesh inserts on the upper ensure that moisture can escape quickly, while the robust toe cap and the raised sole edge guarantee perfect protection in rough terrain. The special sole construction, however, also offers good traction and a high degree of adaptability for hiking. The Kids Aquid is also perfectly adapted to barefoot use - soft, flexible neoprene and the practical Velcro fastener provide a firm yet comfortable fit, either with or without socks.

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